The possibility of ensuring everyone a real “independent life” does not represent “only” a fundamental objective for AISM, but constitutes an inalienable right forcefully affirmed in the charter of rights of people with MS and related pathologies.

In this context, the theme of mobility, together with that of accessibility, certainly represents a central point for ensuring a fully satisfactory social and relational life for every person.

This does not exclusively concern public transport, but also other aspects that have represented a fundamental achievement, such as the possibility of obtaining a special driving licence.

If, on the one hand, this opportunity represented a historic milestone which has gradually allowed people with disabilities to drive not only cars and motorcycles, but also buses with up to 16 seats and taxis, transforming the possibility of driving into an opportunity working, on the other hand, the rental market, unlike that of car sales, has not been able to meet a need and seize an important opportunity.

This has led to a stark paradox: people with disabilities equipped with a special driving license who lead an absolutely independent life in their own city find themselves having to depend on others when they choose tourist destinations that they cannot reach with their own car.

The project idea involves the activation of a rental service with cars adapted for driving by people with disabilities in possession of a special license and is part of a broader path aimed at ensuring truly inclusive tourism in our country with the aim of making Italy a leader in Europe and in the world for accessible tourism.

The pilot project, the result of collaboration between institutions, third sector entities, benefit companies and profit companies, concerns the airports of ten Italian cities: Turin, Milan, Florence, Perugia, Rome, Naples, Bari, Trapani, Palermo and Catania.


Founded in 1968, AISM has since then been the most authoritative point of reference for those affected by the disease, but also for family members, social and healthcare workers, institutions and for all those who are committed to changing the reality of multiple sclerosis and related pathologies. AISM’s commitment is aimed at PEOPLE, RESEARCH and RIGHTS. For PEOPLE, to guarantee them the possibility of realizing their life project, providing welcome, information, orientation according to principles of subsidiarity and acting concretely on the processes of co-programming and co-planning, support and services, through a network that includes 98 provincial sections, 50 operational groups, and thanks to the energy of approximately 14,000 volunteers.

For RESEARCH, to identify effective therapies and treatments to slow down the course of the disease and to find, tomorrow, a definitive cure, also through the work of the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (FISM), founded in 1998.

This has allowed us to radically change the scenario of those who deal with MS every day thanks to the positive impact of medicines and therapeutic interventions resulting from scientific research.

In the last 5 years alone, FISM has invested over 40 million euros in research.

For RIGHTS, to represent people with MS, to protect and affirm their full social inclusion, exercising advocacy action, through constant dialogue with the institutions, with the reference bodies and with the entire community. Numerous public and private entities are involved in AISM’s activities and have chosen to share its mission, not only by supporting them financially, but also by actively and directly engaging in the projects promoted by the Association.

Projects which, as in this case, respond to needs and requirements which also concern people who are not affected by MS, but who experience the same condition and the same limitations.

The partner: Bil Benefit

Born in 2023 as a Benefit reality, Bil (Acronym for “Gross Internal Well-being”, the economic indicator created to measure the quality of life of man and the community in which he lives) intends to contribute to the improvement of society as a whole and of individual realities that constitute it. To contribute to this result Bil has chosen to engage in the implementation of projects within the seventeen objectives of the ONU 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The partner: Sicily by Car

Founded in 1963 by Tommaso Dragotto, Sicily by Car (SBC:IM), a company quoted on Euronext Growth Milan, is among the main operators in short and medium-term leisure car rental, a brand of excellence capable of competing with the main global players for quality of service, size of the fleet and geographical presence with a network in Italy of over 50 rental offices and a fleet of approximately 13,000 vehicles. The Company is also experiencing strong growth internationally and is already present in Albania, Malta, France, Austria, Poland and Montenegro under agreements with strategic partners.

Under the patronage of

Project Partners

With the contribution of


The idea involves each of the three entities participating in the project with a defined role and a clear distribution of investments and costs according to which the profits deriving from the rental activity which will be used for institutional purposes by AISM will also be divided.


Availability of a car duly equipped for driving by disabled people in possession of a special license in the SbC offices of Turin, Milan, Florence, Perugia, Rome, Naples, Bari, Trapani, Palermo and Catania. The service may possibly be activated and gradually strengthened, both in terms of city and means also taking into account the response.


Ownership of the project and of the vehicles within its fleet, fine-tuning and development of the inclusive rental model in implementation of its institutional purposes.

Bil Benefit

Direct participation in the project, promotional activities, search for contributions and support, enhancement and promotion of the rental service.

Sicily by Car

Operational management of the vehicles and their rental service through the use of the company's facilities, staff and know-how.

the stages of the project

The project will be implemented in the three-year period 2023/2025 with the following steps


The project involves the provision of cars chosen on the basis of their technical characteristics, in order to provide the best service and optimize management during the transformation, rental and maintenance phases.

The multi-fitted car is adapted with an accelerator ring under the steering wheel, a vertical brake lever, electronic pedal reversal on the left and a control unit on the steering wheel for auxiliary controls, so as to allow the majority of travelers with motor disabilities in possesion of a special driving B license to drive in complete autonomy.

Supporters and Sponsors

Kivi Mobility freedom

Company producing driving devices and aids to facilitate the transfer of disabled people into cars and to facilitate loading their wheelchair into the car. It is also a manufacturer and fitter of cars that can be driven directly from your wheelchair. The products are made to measure.


The advertising focuses on the philosophy behind “independent living”, understood as the possibility of full self-fulfillment, which cannot therefore exclude a fundamental right such as that of being able to live independently even on holiday.

The claim consists of a play on words between a commonly used expression referring to an activity whose seamless performance is to be underlined: “…….he doesn’t go on holiday” and the possibility of going (also) on holiday without giving up one’s “independent life”.

The result is obtained with a cross that “erases” the word “not” as is done with errors.

The reference to the hashtags #milleazionioltrelaSM and #turismoinclusivo immediately conveys the call to action and the placement of the initiative within the priorities of the SM 2025 Agenda.

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